Basic Information about Competition


  • Saturday 12.11. 2022 since 8:00 to 18:00. The time of the event may be adjusted according to the number of applications.


  • Středisko volného času Rýmařov, Okružní 10, 795 01 Rýmařov
  • Parking is possible directly in front of the building SVČ Rýmařov or 500m from SVČ on náměstí Míru

Applications and payments of the entry fee

  • Applications for the Competition starts on: 1.9. 2022
  • Applications Deadline: 25.10. 2022, the STOP status of applications for the competition was announced. So the application period is over.
  • Attendence Deadline: 4.11. 2022 ve 24:00 (last chance to cancel your Application)

Dates for sending music and videos

  • Group Solo and Improvisation Solo

  • Video (both in english and czech language) and music for the Group Solo category and music for the Improvisation category (does not apply to the Profi category) will be continuously sent immediately by the organizer from Sunday 11.9. 2022 to all those who have duly submitted and paid application

  • Own Choreography Solo

  • The music must be delivered to us no later than November 4, 2022 to e-mail: (if it was not delivered with the online or classic application) in mp3 format


  • Preliminary Schedule: 30.10. 2022
  • Final Schedule: 6.11. 2022
  • The schedule will be sent to participants by e-mail and will also be published HERE on the website
  • At the Competition, you need to follow the current schedule after changes after registration

Competition Backround

  • Hot and cold drinks and hot and cold fast food will be available for purchase at the Competition - details will be sent by e-mail before the Festival
  • Competitors will have changing rooms and sanitary facilities at their disposal
  • There will also be a traditional Costume Bazaar and other accompanying activities
  • The dancers will perform on a classic theater stage with backstage access.
  • Dance surface: balletizol