Documentary Film [Funoon Shaabeya] and Discussion with the author Sheyla

[Funoon Shaabeya] is a film documenting Egyptian traditional dance and music throughout the many regions in one of the world's most fascinating places. From original settings to regional troupes. What folklore means to Egyptians and how it has shaped their culture. Today in modern Egypt we still see evidence of its vast past through tradition, folklore and it's people which will be highlighted in the documentary I'm producing [Funoon Shaabeya].

The term [Funoon Shaabeya] refers to traditional art in general and the film is focusing on its folklore artists. These important living traditions can still be found thanks to persistent artists who have devoted their lives to their art, young activists through cultural events and venues. You may find these venues everywhere in Egypt with its variety of dance and music styles, from the ancient to modern Egyptian times.

Real stories of Egyptians, Nubians from the South, Ghawazee in Luxor or people in Siwa.

Watch their authentic and professional performances.


...of what traditions and folklore mean to the Egyptian people.

Who have devoted their lives to traditional art through cultural events and venues.

Film author: Sheyla (Tereza Bártová Klementová)

Camera and postproduction: Klaudia Bónová

Sound postproduction: Roman Opia Ševčík