Our Story

I've been to a lot of competitions and a lot of dance events in my life but at none of them was "oh, that's it". None of them tried to motivate, none of them were a celebration of dance, none of them tried to make the competition a pleasant place where friends and great dancers meet. It was always about that rivalry, the stress and the tension, whether we were going to win or finish last. And so I wanted to create a competition where all this, which is not available elsewhere, would be here in one place. Where there would be a joy from the fact that we are here at all and that we can meet, dance together and celebrate together our love of dance.

The very first idea was born in my head in 2015. A competition that will motivate even complete beginners to dance, that will encourage them and make them determined to try something new, for example a solo, which dancers are so often afraid of. A place where children will laugh and enjoy performing, where we will help them overcome challenges.
In 2016, the idea turned into reality and we held our first different competition for our dancers here in Rýmařov. The first two years were held at the local level. The next two years have already grown to the district level. We have seen that the competition already fulfills its purpose in those four years . Our special category Group Solo has motivated many dancers to try their true solo. Small children grew into great soloists who began to collect awards at other competitions throughout the country. And I wanted other children to enjoy themselves as well. And so the fifth year was supposed to be really spectacular, nationwide. Instead, however, a nationwide quarantine came and we had to postpone our competition by two years. Through the screens, children lost motivation not only to dance, but to move in general. And not just children. Even the lecturers. I knew we would all need to kick back and live again. To celebrate the dance together again and enjoy being here and dancing. Together.

In the fall of 2021, dancers from all over the country, even from Poland and Slovakia, came to us for the first time. And although covid tried hard, this time it didn't take it away from us and didn't spoil it. The dance celebration was a real one. The competition turned into a festival, full of dancing and joy. The competition was complemented by a spectacular show created by you. We learned a lot of new things at the workshops with the festival guests. And we were very happy about it!

In 2022, we organized the 6th edition, during which we crossed another wonderful milestone, which we never even dreamed of. Your interest in our competition was enormous. Even so enormous that we had to declare a Stop Status and stop applications in a few days earlier than originally planned. So many of you signed up that we used up the time capacity of 24 hours. Although it broke our hearts, we unfortunately had to reject dozens of you... we couldn't fit it into one day. Such a huge interest in our competition made us incredibly happy and surprised at the same time. In one competition day, we managed almost 180 of your registered performances in an incredible way. And we had to respond to that in this year's, already the 7th year. In 2023, we are extending the competition to two whole days - Saturday will belong to the children's categories, Sunday to the adults ones. We are also adding a lot of new categories for you.

Every year we keep improving, we keep learning, we gain experiences, impressions, we collect your beautiful emotions and try to return them to you in the purest possible form. However, the most valuable thing for us is that you come back to us, you who want to celebrate the love of dance with us. To celebrate that we, the dancers, are not rivals, but one big family. And we approach the whole festival with this idea.

For Your Habibi Family,