Nela Přecechtělová

Habibi All Stars 2022, Performer on Habibi Show 2023

Who is Nela Přecechtělová?

My name is Nela Přecechtelová, I am 11 years old. I started dancing at the age of 8 with Hanka Folvarská, then I moved to the dance group Annidia under the guidance of my great coach Anniya. I was destined to be a member of Annidia. I've been dancing since I learned to walk. I love dancing, when I dance I don't think about anything, I let myself be carried away by the dance. I like the grace and movement in dance. My life is not life without dance. I was born to dance. My first competition was last year at HABIBI, I won 1st place, that surprised me. With my super friends, we placed among the winners at the Championship of the Czech republic.