Andy Atyaf Martincová

Habibi All Stars 2022, Performer on Habibi Show 2023

Who is Atyaf?

" I live through dance here and now"

Dancer, lecturer, choreographer, proud owner of the Fantasy Orient studio in Havířov. In my lessons, I dedicate myself to little and big princesses, to all women who want to awaken the woman, joy and energy in themselves, to find their way. I have been dancing for many years, I have had many successes and losses on my dance journey. Among the most valuable are championship titles in solo and group disciplines. In recent years, we are proud of placing in duets with my daughter Zuzanka - Sirun. However, what is most important to me, what warms and motivates watching how my dance family lives in dance, how it grows, how it moves...because only with them, it makes sense.