Judge of Children Part of Habibi Competition 2023, Judge of Adults Part of Habibi Competition 2023

Lector of the Workshop, Performer on Habibi Show 2023

Who is Anniya?

Anniya has been dancing since het 3 years, when she started with modern, ballet and jazz dance training. She gradually got to Contemporary dance, with which she successfully toured many competitions for many years. She began to engage in oriental dance at the age of 9, and at the age of 13 she founded her own dance group Annidia, which she still leads till today in her native Rýmařov. In this group, in which dancers from 6 to 25 years of age dance, together they discover different styles of not only oriental dance, and they collect considerable success in competitions and performances. Together they are proud of many successes, including several titles of Champions of the Czech Republic.

Anniya has participated in many competitions of many dance styles during her dancing life. Among her greatest solo achievements in oriental dance is the undefeated title of Champion of the Czech Republic in the Oriental Solo Show Category for 4 years in a row, victory at the Let's Dance Prague Oriental Competition in the Show category and victory in the Professional category at the Hvězda Orientu (Classical + Tarab).

Currently, she is dedicated to teaching a wide range of dance styles - from classical oriental dance, Egyptian folklore and character dances, Bollywood, through Contemporary dance and ballet training. She loves every style, each one gives her a different sense of freedom. Over the years, she gradually formed her own style in the Oriental Show, where she uses elements of Contemporary Dance and the Orient. She tries to convey love and freedom in dance to the dancers, she tries to help them to find their own style and overcome the fear of doing something different.

Since 2016, she has been regularly organizing the Habibi dance Competition, which has grown into our international festival in recent years. The Habibi Festival, as well as her beloved group Annidia, are her greatest treasures in oriental dance.