Judge of Children Part of Habibi Competition 2023, Judge of Adults Part of Habibi Competition 2023

Lector of the Workshop, Performer on Habibi Show 2023

Who is Sheyla?

I was encharmed by oriental dance in 2004, and from the first moment I began to devote myself to it intensively and then professionally. Thanks to dance, I can pass on my experience to the other students and fellow lecturers, I help to prepare dancers for competitions, create group choreography, teach theoretical lectures and research Egyptian folklore. Thanks to dance, I can travel around the world for performances or classes and this way get to know entire world. I have already traveled to the following countries with and for dance: Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, India, South Korea, South Africa...

My courses and seminars are always full of information and I don't forget the uniqueness of each participant's speech. In addition to seminars, I teach special weekend seminars, intensive dance bootcamps, private lessons, regular lessons and I also train dancers and groups for competitions and performances. This job really fulfills me and I always try to prepare everything according to the wishes of the students.

Dance has become my mission, and therefore I also focus on education and popularization of oriental (belly) dance in the Czech Republic, and I am creator of many projects that aim to present these dance styles in their artistic and authentic form, support and connect the dance community and in also to introduce these dances to the public through performances or by teaching a courses for beginners. Such courses have health effects for women of all ages.

Projects that you may know and that I stand behind - dance groups Al Fayyum Dancers, Awaleem and Aphrodisia dance company, dance hafly Orient Night, Tales of Sahara festival, Conference for dancers and lecturers, this year the international format of Al Raqs, Orient Express online magazine which over time turned into the Orient Express Live! podcasts, the creation of Fusion studio in Brno, Orient Bootcamp with Badriyah, collaboration at the Kan Zaman online international festival, the Aphrodisia dance show cabaret and the Egyptian Folklore Workshop.