Ksenia Izotkina

Judge of Children Part of Habibi Competition 2023, Judge of Adults Part of Habibi Competition 2023

Lector of the Workshop, Performer on Habibi Show 2023

Who is Ksenia Izotkina?

Ksenia Izotkina, oriental dancer, lecturer, judge and co-organizer of the European Golden Cup festival in Prague 2018-2019. Ksenia is originally from Siberia, she started practicing oriental dance in 2006, and since 2012 she has been teaching in Prague. In 2017 she successfully completed a retraining course for bellydance instructors by IUDE (Kiev, Ukraine).

In 2015 - 2019, you could meet Ksenia and her group Amira at Czech and foreign competitions. Ksenia's most recent competition achievements include first place in classical at Born to shimmy 2017 (Czech Republic), first place in classical, pop and improvisation to live music at Pressburg Dance Festival 2017/2018 (Slovakia), third place in classical and drum solo at festival Shimmy in 3 City 2018 (Poland), as well as the title of champion of the Czech Republic 2019 in classical oriental dance and folklore. 

The AMIRA group, which Ksenia raised from beginners, collected a lot of gold and silver medals both as a group and solo. In 5 years of its existence, the AMIRA group became the winner of the Czech Championship 5 times. 

Thanks to her active participation in competitions, she was seen and had the opportunity to become a guest and/or judge at festivals in the Czech Republic, Poland and Latvia. She takes her work on the jury very seriously and likes to provide commentary after the competition, because she herself knows what it's like to be in the contestant's shoes. 

From 2020 until now, Ksenia has been actively engaged in the topic of health in dance, completed 3 retraining courses focused on the correct technique and methodology of exercises and integrates this knowledge into personal and group training. 

Ksenia continues to immerse herself in oriental culture. At the end of 2022, she fulfilled her dream and experienced a dance trip to Cairo. There she learned from Shahrzad, Ibrahim Dimos, Nour, Morjana, performed with Red Saad and his band and attended many performances and concerts of local and world famous artists. It was a surreal and rewarding event that she is still absorbing.