Indian dance Lavani


17.11. 2023 16:45 - 18:45, Taneční sál SVČ Rýmařov

Come and discover the magic of Lavani - an energetic traditional dance from the Indian state of Maharashtra! Lavani, whose name is derived from the Sanskrit word "Lavanya", which translates as "beauty", is a captivating dance characterized by dynamic movements, rapid changes of rhythm and expressive facial gestures.

At the workshop, we will dive into the basics of this dance, which is also connected with the expression of emotions and stories. We will learn how to perfectly express emotions through dance movements and facial expressions. 

In addition, as part of the workshop, we will learn a short choreography that will allow us to practically apply our newly acquired skills.


  • children up to 14 years (included): 430 CZK
  • 15 years and older (adults): 490 CZK

WS to be held in participant's language: cz/eng.

It'll be possible to order food for the time between WS.

Change of the hall and time reserved.

Promotional packages:

  • Registration for 3 or more seminars: 10% discount
  • Registration for 2 seminars: 5% discount