Vendula Vyvialová

Habibi All Stars 2022, Performer on Habibi Show 2023

Who is Vendula Vyvialová?

I have been involved in oriental dance for 3 years, but even in such a short time it managed to grow to my heart. I prefer classical oriental dance, but I also dance shows. I like participating in contests because I always get feedback and I love the atmosphere either at the announcement or right before I go on stage. I owe my successes and what I can do mainly to Eliška and Pavle Jeřábk, thanks to whom I started orienteering, and also to the girls from TK Gradus, with whom we always help and support each other. I am also grateful for the support of my parents, but especially my mother, thanks to whom I have something to dance in and have the opportunity to improve.