Dynamic changes in oriental dance

Alexandra Varga

17.11. 2023 12:15 - 14:15, Malý sál SVČ Rýmařov

Oriental dance is full of creative ideas. Musicality is essential to portray emotions and the mood of the song. At this workshop we are going to specialize in the dynamic changes that make our dance unique. 

With the help of technical training and combinations we are going to explore many possibilities to make our dance more layered and special. We are going to practice connecting slow and fast movements, discuss the various ways of pause and the importance of being present while dancing.

I can't wait to dance and explore this exciting topic with you all!


  • children up to 14 years (included): 430 CZK
  • 15 years and older (adults): 490 CZK

WS to be held in English language.

It'll be possible to order food for the time between WS.

Change of the hall and time reserved.

Promotional packages:

  • Registration for 3 or more seminars: 10% discount
  • Registration for 2 seminars: 5% discount