Musicality and Authenticity


17.11. 2023 16:45 - 18:45, Malý sál SVČ Rýmařov

Whether you compete or not, you definitely want to stand out and find your style. To a large extent, our authenticity comes from how we perceive music - and Arabic music is not entirely simple. It hides a lot of possibilities for how to react to music, how to interpret it with your dance, and cultural customs are inherent to it.

If you want to add depth to your dance, work on originality and your authenticity, then the workshop is just for you. We don't expect drills or combinations, the lesson is improvisational and you will receive tips and dance tasks from me that should help you think a little differently about Arabic music and oriental dance.

You will need writing utensils at the workshop, as we will be drawing music for a while. 

The workshop is suitable for all advanced levels, from beginners to dance instructors.


  • children up to 14 years (included): 430 CZK
  • 15 years and older (adults): 490 CZK

WS to be held in participant's language: cz/eng.

It'll be possible to order food for the time between WS.

Change of the hall and time reserved.

Promotional packages:

  • Registration for 3 or more seminars: 10% discount
  • Registration for 2 seminars: 5% discount