Judge of Children Part of Habibi Competition 2023, Judge of Adults Part of Habibi Competition 2023

Lector of the Workshop, Performer on Habibi Show 2023

Who is Lucia?

Lucia is a Slovak dancer from Bratislava. She has been engaged in competitive ballroom dancing since childhood. In 2007, she met oriental dance for the first time, which completely enchanted her. She participates in foreign dance festivals as a performing guest, lector, judge, but also constantly educates herself at dance workshops and seminars. She also competed in dance competitions, in which she won several awards. 

Her favorite style is primarily oriental classics, tarab and dancing to lyrical compositions. Her choreographies and dance performances are dominated by elegance and expression, as well as strong feminine energy. Her heart project is the dance group Aphrodisia Dance Company, which promises "a performance on the edge of all the senses". In Bratislava, she is teaching regular oriental dance courses.