Veil, elegant dance partner


17.11. 2023 9:30 - 11:30, Malý sál SVČ Rýmařov

The workshop will be focused on several dance combinations with the veil, where the priority will be the dance movement and the veil will be the main essence of the dance. 

The veil, an elegant partner that will hold and not betray during the dance. A fine silk veil that completes and enhances the artistic experience of dance. 

We will dance mejance, tarab and also to a lyrical music with a veil. 

Tip: bring a silk veil with you if possible. A few will be available for loan. 


  • children up to 14 years (included): 430 CZK
  • 15 years and older (adults): 490 CZK

WS to be held in participant's language: sk/eng.

It'll be possible to order food for the time between WS.

Change of the hall and time reserved.

Promotional packages:

  • Registration for 3 or more seminars: 10% discount
  • Registration for 2 seminars: 5% discount