Judge of Children Part of Habibi Competition 2023, Judge of Adults Part of Habibi Competition 2023

Lector of the Workshop, Performer on Habibi Show 2023

Who is Terezie?

Terezie is a young professional dancer and choreographer from Liberec, Czech Republic and has been involved in dancing since the very young age of 5 and completely fell in love with Belly Dancing. She graduated from the Academy of Egyptian Dance under the leadership of Ahmed Fekry. Her main focuses are on oriental dance, both in its most famous Egyptian form, the Raqs Sharki and also in styles from the Far East, such as Iraqi or Indian Bollywood. 

Apart from bellydancing she also perfects her routine with Ballet lessons which give her dancing a strong focus on correct form. She is the holder of 16 gold medals from the Championship of the Czech Republic in Oriental dance and also a 9 times World Champion. In recent years, she has been organizing dance workshops and performances not just in the Czech Republic but as well in various cities in India under Ameen Events & Promotions.