Satine's Medaillon

Satine is oriental dancer, lector and choreographer from Prague. Since 2011, she has been teaching courses at the Eglal Dance and Movement Studio, and since 2021 she has been teaching at the Naplno studio. She occasionally performs with the groups Yalla Raqs, Orient Dream and Kazafy Troupe Czech republic. She has been engaged in oriental dance since 2003, when she started attending courses in Brno, and since then it has been an integral part of it. In addition to several great placements in belly dance competitions, she was part of the Bellydance Evolution team in the 2012 production of "Dark Side of the Crown" and the 2017 production of "Fantasm Odyssey of Dreams". 

Satine's Workshop:
Elegance in dance

During this workshop, we will focus on the fluency and movements connection, proper body posture, breathing and body lines. On simple combinations we will learn how to enhance our dance to look even prettier while dancing.  

13.11. 2022 11:00 - 13:00, Malý sál SVČ Rýmařov / Primary language of the Workshop: Czech

Price:   Children up to 15 y.o. (included) : 390 Kč/person over     16 y.o.: 430 Kč/person