Anniya's Medaillon

Anniya is involved in dance since she was 3 years old. She started with contemporary, ballet and jazz dance. She's involved in oriental dance since she was 9. In 13 years she founded her own dance group called Annidia, which she train in her birthtown Rýmařov till today. Dancers from 6 to 23 years old are members of this group and they together discover various styles of oriental and contemporary dance. They achieve a lot of prizes on competitions and appretiation on the performances for that.

Anniya was competing her whole life in various dance styles. Her biggest solo success is 4 years in row undefeated title of Champion of Czech republic in Oriental Solo Show, she is winner of international competition Let's Dance Prague Oriental Competition in Show category and winner in Profi category on Hvězda Orientu (Classical + Tarab style).

Her beloved styles are Tarab, Classical Oriental Dance, Folklore Styles and the most Oriental Show style. She formed her own style in Oriental Show over the years. She is trying to help dancers to find love and freedom in dance, she helps them to find their own style.

Since 2016, she regularly organizes Habibi dance competition, which has grown into our international festival in recent years. Festival Habibi and her beloved group Annidia are the biggest treasure in dance for her.